Let’s do coffee?

Hi, I’m Jessica - the “J’Door” in J’Door Photography. I am absolutely obsessed with photography, in fact, I live & breath it.  I have a quirky and alternative style creating dreamy portraits to show off your wedding

I am based in Guildford, Surrey but I capture weddings across Kent, South London, Sussex as well as destination weddings. I love to travel and have captured love stories in Wales through to Ibiza. Ibiza is my spiritual home, so if you do choose to get married there, I would absolutely love to be your photographer.

I always have a camera in my hand capturing memories that I can look back on.. I can always be relied upon to have either a snappy snap, a Polaroid or pro camera within my handbag to capture awesome moments. Photos for me are memories, things to treasure and the ultimate link between our past and present. One of my favourite things is getting the family photos out and having a look through endless moments that have been captured on film. We also have family photos on slides which is just awesome to look at. 

I have always been creative and have a background working as a florist, with that in mind, if you need any help picking flowers for your wedding, I will be more than happy to have a chat with you. It was when I was 15 that I I was given my first 35mm camera, a Canon AE-1.  I put a roll of 35mm film in and snapped away at the florist I was working at. This camera still comes out to play 14 years later!

I genuinely feel so honoured to capture each wedding day, even I get butterflies in my stomach on the day of your wedding... oh and yes, you may find me shedding a few tears during your ceremony… see, I told you I am soppy.

So, let’s do coffee?

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